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We are thrilled to
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Dr. Cristina Alekseyenko is
accepting new patients!

As a new Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, we are excited to offer personalized primary care services. While we don't accept insurance, we want to emphasize the incredible value of maintaining your insurance coverage. The majority of our patients are already insured, ensuring seamless access to essential healthcare services such as bloodwork, imaging, medications, specialist consultations, emergency department visits, and hospital stays. Your health journey just became more comprehensive! Feel free to reach out with any questions or for assistance navigating your insurance coverage. Here's to a perfect blend of personalized care and comprehensive insurance for your well-being!
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"Dr. Alekseyenko is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated physician. She spends whatever time is necessary to listen to my medical issues. You don’t just get the 15 minutes many physicians at local hospitals are allotted. It’s very easy to make an appointment with her. After my last appointment she sent me an email going over everything we discussed. I have emailed her with questions and she answered me in an amazingly timely manner. I know that I am receiving the best care possible from a family physician. I highly recommend her!"
— Cynthia Lobis
"Dr. A has been an absolute godsend for me and my husband since our recent move back to Florida. Finding a reliable family doctor was crucial, and we were fortunate to discover Dr. Cristina Alekseynko at Family Direct Care. Being in the medical field ourselves, we had high expectations, and she exceeded them all. Dr. A's intelligence, compassion, understanding, and fantastic sense of humor make every visit a pleasure. She invests time in understanding our needs, not just addressing immediate concerns but proactively handling potential future issues. Every appointment feels personalized, ensuring we're never just another chart number. We can actually say we enjoy going to the doctor. Dr. A is truly exceptional, and we highly recommend her if you are looking for a fantastic family doctor. She makes you feel comfortable from the start."
— Kat Radkins
"I've been Dr. A's patient for several years and I followed her to her new practice because I wanted the same kind and compassionate care that only she provides. There's no one like her. (And I've seen a lot of doctors over the years). I'm a complex case but she never stops trying to help me attain optimal health. She's dedicated and professional but also very empathetic. She's simply the best."
— Ginny R.
"Dr. Cristina is extremely knowledgeable and most importantly personable and compassionate. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and go over your treatment plan. She is by far the very best doctor I’ve been to. I highly recommend her."
— Michelle Ciociano
"Dr. A has been an incredible support to our family. Their expertise in family medicine and dedication to providing direct care has been invaluable. Always attentive, compassionate, and thorough in addressing our concerns. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a trustworthy and caring family doctor."
— Ana Ramirez
"I have been a patient for several years and have always received exceptional care from Dr. Alekseyenko. She listens attentively and responds with personalized care. She treats me like family, not just a patient or a number. I know I am in good hands with Dr. Alekseyenko."
— Penny Sickenius
"I can recommend Dr. Alekseynko without any reservations. She took her time, did a thorough exam, LISTENED to me and answered every question I had. She is responsive to appointment requests and followed through on everything she would told me she would follow up on. I look forward to her being my PCP for many, many years."
— Katie Richter
"Having been à patient of Dr. Alekseyenko's for a number of years I am always leaving her office feeling more informed and confident.
Dr. A has excellent diagnostic skills , is very thorough and a genuine caring professional as a Primary Dr.
My point is really that she sees you as a whole person, listens intently to you , talks WITH you and educates you on the medical issues and takes extra time if needed to make you comfortable in understanding .
Dr. A.'s passion & commitment to her work translatesto her patients well being.
She returns calls in a timely manner & assists with navigating through the bureaucy of the pharmacy world as well when costs are so untouchable for most.
In the medical field today Dr. A. is a stand out !! She takes her Oath as a Dr. seriously
to help people."
— Diane Eidlitz
"Dr. A. is everything you want your doctor to be. Remember when your doctor knew you and all about you? If you do, she's for you...if you don't, it's time you learned what a physician should be. I feel as though I don't need to have a medical education, that's what Dr. A. is for! She'll listen and guide you And remember you! I highly recommend you contact her, you will be very pleased with what you find."
— Aliene Donovan
"Dr. Aleksenko is the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure to see. She is very thorough, thoughtful and compassionate. I’m so grateful that I can see her again."
— Marlene Krohner
"Dr. Cristina Alekseyenko is a great family Physician who is very experience who throughly check every boxes on every visits to ensure that her patients stays in good health if you are unhappy with your family physician please check out her practice I'm sure you'll confirm my experience"
— Winston Hylton
"Dr. A is extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring! She really takes the time to fully assess you and your needs in and out of the office!"
— dannon
"Dr. A as I call her is the ultimate professional and a caring individual. I love the fact that I can call her to ask pertinent medical questions and she responds with detailed instructions!"
— Jewel McCollin
"Dr. A is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. It is a pleasure having her as my primary provider."
— Gretchen Sampson
"I'm very happy Dra. Cristina Alekseyenko back to work, I really missed her compassion and always finding the right diagnosis, I highly recommended her."
— Diana Betancourt

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